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Way back in May of 1983, I met Neal Sutton. I was 14 years old and as circumstances would have it, I had plenty of room for a good role-model/father-figure in my life. Neal became that for me and continues to be, although now that I'm over 40 it seems more peer-like as time goes on. So, Neal and technology got along so well that he handled the computer work for all-district and all-region band tryouts back in the 80's. As I grew up also being technologically-inclined, I helped Neal with honor-band auditions wherever there was opportunity, from Quitman to Bridgeport (Texas), often driving in from college to lend a hand. I had a knack for being both fast and accurate with the data.

So, it turns out after I received my math degrees from HSU in Arkadelphia, I stayed to get a music degree and was Neal's assistant band director in Atlanta (TX). Guess who was the region chairperson? Neal. Guess who typed all of those all-region honor-band entries into the computer? Me. That's right, per event per year that was 1200 names, 1200 instruments, 1200 schools, 1200 grades, and so on...

Even when I was 8th grade director in Lindale, I was running the data portion of events for the region band auditions (at the time w/chairperson Denney Whitley in Whitehouse, TX).

So, after three years of teaching band (three years of Sweepstakes, I like to add), I had an opportunity to get into the vaguely-named "Information Systems" industry, where my programs and processes handle millions of financial transactions every month. Even after I left directing, I would still assist Neal with the ATSSB All-State auditions; we certainly had "our system" down.  I vowed to help my fellow band directors with online registration and I followed through with that vow. That system has been used for over a decade.

It has all evolved to this. I've been plenty busy with life (translation=children) over the last 10 years and finally decided to do this on a bigger scale and add some great, new features.  I hope you will remember i550 Events for your next ticketed event or event that could benefit from online registration.



(Neal is now the best tour organizer in the world for student groups at Unique Travels.)


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